on your human hair wigs prefer a moisturizing cream

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on your human hair wigs prefer a moisturizing cream

1) For your daily maintenance, avoid concentrated creams of oily oils and alcohol products, on your human hair wigs prefer a moisturizing cream that will protect them without weighing them down or making them fat, serums for smooth hair and Spray for curly and curly hair.

2) To keep your hair supple and easy to comb asian human hair wigs, every day, brush the smooth hair or untwist your fingers (or with a comb with large teeth) curly and curly hair, delicately from top to bottom of the tips Roots.

3) Do not apply heat directly to the cap and seams, as this may cause the hair to fall. Avoid the use of concentrated heat iron

4) Take care of the skin part on your wig. It is delicate and handmade, very sensitive to heat, oils and repeated brushing. On this part clip on hair extensions, the risks of hair loss are important

Remove your wig to sleep and place it carefully in a box or on a mannequin head.

Do not forget to feed your own hair and scalp.

Finally, sleep with a satin or silk bonnet protection that will protect your hair from friction.

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